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Finish the Race {poem}

God, you've seen the pain that's been in my heart
You can see the struggles that have been tearing me apart
Even though the clouds are dark and thick, I'm seeking You
I have faith you will see me through
Feeling like the scars on my heart have been torn
My hope has been jaded, tattered and worn
Lately things have been unstable and are constantly changing
The storm has been relentless and the seas are raging
Nothing is certain anymore
Why can't things be how they were before?
When people cared and the world seemed bright
When a broken heart and painful tears didn't keep me up at night
When I didn't question if my friends would love me or leave my side
Whether or not they would accept me this time or cast me aside

Through every season there's always been struggles to face
But I know God will help me finish the race
I may have broken dreams, rough storms and dark nights
But in the end God will make it all right
Nothing is forgotten or insignificant in His eyes
He knows what breaks our heart and sees the pain the inside
He encourages the broken and guides those who place their lives in His hands
And He blesses those who do what's right and take a stand
Rest assured God is using your life for more than you could ever know
So continue trusting in Him and don't give up running this race until you reach your eternal home