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Through Every Struggle {poem}

Growing up her life was happy and bright
Everything seemed to be going just right
Then one day her sunny skies turned gray
The one man she loved most was taken away
Nothing was the same anymore
She wished things could go back to the way they were before
She felt unprotected and insecure
Nothing in her life felt sure
She seemed to hide herself very well from everyone
Nobody knew what was really going on
She felt broken, flawed and rejected
And with the friends she did have, she felt neglected 
None of her friends stuck around very long
She always felt like she was neglected and didn't belong

As she grew older she overcame her rejection in the past
She started seeing herself as more than an unwanted outcast
But the loss of her father continued to grow
Although she often tried not to let it show
He missed more of her life each and every day
And the few memories she had seemed to be slipping away
Without him here she felt like part of her was missing
She longed for his words of wisdom and his ear for listening

Wondering now what the future holds
Waiting for what's next in my life that God will unfold
What is the purpose of my circumstances today?
Help me to follow You whatever life may throw my way
My life's definitely not how I expected it to be
But God is using my brokenness, pain and struggles far beyond what I can see
When it feels like my life is crumbling down and breaking
I know God is using it for something truly amazing

My future may be a rough road, and it may feel impossible
But I want to continue following after God through every obstacle
I don't have to know what lies ahead, and I may not understand
But I know that my life is always in God's hands
When I put my trust in Him I know it's for my best
And when we obey His will we are blessed
Our struggles and trials show our true faith 
It shows us when we're under pressure if we will withstand or break
When things don't go how you planned
Don't let it knock you down, but help you stand
Rely on God and let Him direct your way
Remain focused on Him and don't falter or sway
When we're following God's will we know it's always for the best
And we don't have to worry, become burdened or stressed
Trust God with your future and remain patient
Enjoy where you are right now and be complacent
Wait. Wait on the Lord and He will guide you
Don't grow weary or discouraged, because He will always, always see you through

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