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Do you ever feel like one minute everything in your life is going right. You feel like you know your purpose. You feel God with you. You know where you are supposed to be. Then in that one short moment, it all changes. You look at your life now and feel discouraged. Nothing went how you planned? What you once hoped for just went downhill. Now everything seems like a mess.

Do you ever wish you could take the circumstances in your life and just fix them? Just tweak them a little and make them right? The things you are dealing with are discouraging you and weakening you, and in some ways, you feel yourself changing.

Sometimes it feels like God is so far away. Then I begin to think, maybe it's because I'm the one pushing Him away. Maybe I've made things in my life more valuable than Him. The things in this life can pull us so quickly and make us fall. Sometimes just a little taste of something "good" can make us want more and more. And even though we constantly are seeking more, we will never be satisfied.

Sometimes I get so off-focused and lose my grip. I want to be so close to God that when things go wrong my joy will still remain because my focus is on Him and not my struggles. I don't need other people's opinions and acceptance to make me feel worthy. I don't need people's attention to make me feel valued. People will change and their view of me may fluctuate, but God's view of me and His love will always be constant and never-changing. I don't need to impress God. He knows my heart and loves me just for who I am.

If you are looking at your life and feeling discouraged or depressed, know God can work in great ways. Don't ever let your circumstances let you doubt how great of a God we have. Not all the things we want will happen, but if you are trusting in God, you know it will all be for your best. God is using your circumstances right now to test you and show your strength- don't let Satan get a hold of you. Without struggling we wouldn't have a need for faith and reliance in God. Take your worries, hurts and fears and let God take them for you.


  1. I can def. relate Britt! Sometimes it does feel like everything is going wrong, but its such a comfort to know that God is near and able to bring clarity to the situation! What a blessing it is to have faith and even, trials that help strengthen our faith!

    1. Thanks Kianna for your comment :)