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Finding Happiness {poem}

What do you base your happiness on?
Is it based on how many things throughout the day that went right or wrong?
Is it determined on how loved you feel?
Or if your circumstances are perfect or ideal?
Do you only feel happiness when you feel good about yourself?
Or do you feel truly happy when you help others and give of yourself?
Is your contentment defined by how you look in other's eyes?
Do you focus on what other people think and listen to all the lies?
Or do you base your happiness on something that will prevail?
Something that will never grow old or never fail?
Even though we may feel down and upset, we can lean on God for our foundation
With Him as our rock, our happiness doesn't have to be defined by our situations
We may not be happy or feel content with our life
It may feel like there's no end to the stress and strife
But we can be restored when we seek God
He will give us joy when we feel broken and flawed
Focus on the blessings God has given you
And let the joy of those things help change your view
Our joy does not have to be dependent on what we are going through
We can still find joy even when we are feeling down and blue
Choose to have joy and change your outlook on your situation
Let God be the source of your happiness and your firm foundation

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