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Giving God Your Devotion {poem}

 Wondering what God has in store for your life?
Trying to seek God and overcome all of life's conflict and strife
Sometimes the dark seasons of our life overtakes us
We get sidetracked and lose our trust
It's hard to find good in the most daunting situations
Trying to overcome the pressure and all the endless expectations
Seeking God in the midst of the whirlwind of decisions you have to make
It leaves you feeling like He's giving you more than you can take
Why are you placed in this situation?
You wish you knew the explanation
The struggles we face sometimes feel like everything is at stake
But even through the hardest times, God is there to ease our deepest aches

We may not understand our trials now
But in the end it will all make sense somehow
The road may get dark along the way
But we can rest assured God is with us and listens to us when we pray
Seek God with the situations you're worried about
When you give them to Him, you can trust that He will straighten them out
His answers may not always be our choice
And it may be hard to see the good in it and rejoice
But God will bless us for following His will
And He will go with us when life only seems all uphill
God's got some awesome plans for you
But we have to be willing and ask to be used
So get rid of everything stealing your attention
Go to Him and give Him your undivided devotion


  1. Beautiful <3 I love poetry and you did such an amazing job writing this!

    With Love, Elizabeth @ Whimsical Thoughts

  2. You write such amazing poetry! It looks effortless >.<

    xoxo Morning

  3. Can I post this encouragement on my instagram??? I will give you credit.

    1. Sure most definitely- anytime!! Thanks so much :)