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What Can I Give?

Sometimes it's hard looking at your life and feeling thankful. It's hard waking up and feeling happy when you feel pain. This time of year is usually a time to be happy and joyful. A time to feel cheery and excited to open presents on Christmas day. But sometimes it's a time of pain and hurt. A time for memories to flood in and allow you to see just how much your life has changed.

Sometimes it feels like Christmas is a time of getting together with friends and family, but all you are left with is a lonely heart. You feel like nobody understands. Like nobody cares. Nobody gets it.

Right now in my own life I've really been taking a look at where I am. I've been feeling like since college is over it is time to move on. Now I'm wondering what God has in store for the future and how what plans He's got. I wonder how I can use my life now to glorify and impact others for Him. I want to be used by Him but sometimes it's hard to find where He wants me. I get side-tracked and my mind gets the best of me. I fill up my days with everyday tasks that lead me off of Him and focus my attention on petty material things. Especially with Christmas right around the corner!

Sometimes Christmas can get the best of us. Santa Claus, reindeer, gifts under the tree....you name it. We forget what we're really celebrating. The God of the universe chose to come down and live with sinners like us. He used ordinary people who were willing to be used. They weren't well known or popular- just ordinary people who were probably viewed as inadequate. God saw their humbleness and used it to accomplish His plan. Sometimes I forget that God can use me even though I feel broken and unqualified. I feel like I'm not worthy to be used by Him and that I have nothing to offer. But we each have our life to offer- God just wants us to give of ourselves.

God gave of Himself to come down here to save us. 
Mary gave of herself to bear a child. 
Joseph gave of Himself to lead and follow God. 
We should give of ourselves too. 

Maybe give someone something this Christmas that you normally wouldn't. Step out and do something nice for someone that may need some encouragement. A little act goes a long way.

Remain focused on where your priorities are. It's so easy to get caught up in getting stuff for Christmas and creating a huge list. Step back and look at how this Christmas can be remembered. Did you just give/get material items to "buy" happiness and approval or did you go deeper and show care and encouragement to someone through your actions or words. Giving gifts is such a nice way to show others we care, but when we give of ourselves and not just out of our pockets it's worth even more!

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