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Still Single

As a graduating college student it is exciting moving on to the next stage of my life into my future career. But also with graduating it leaves me feeling a little heartbroken. I thought by the time I graduated college and moved on to this stage in my life I would have been in a relationship or have met my future husband. It seems like over the past few years of my life I've been waiting- waiting for the right guy to come along. Waiting to feel loved by the right guy. Sometimes it gets a little depressing knowing I've never gone on a date or have never been in a relationship. It's difficult to see others in relationships and who appear happy with their "other half" and it makes me feel like I'm not wanted or worthy of someone else's love.

Even though it would be nice to be in a relationship I know that God's timing is perfect. I also know that a guy will not complete me or be my "other half," but I know that if God has someone for me, the right guy will help me grow- he will help me grow as a person and also in my relationship with God. I don't want to rush into a relationship or love someone just because I'm lonely or needy. I don't want to have a boyfriend just because that is what everyone else is doing. I don't want to have a boyfriend because that is what everyone expects. I want to love someone when I'm ready and when it's God's timing- so until then I'm living my life. I'm not waiting anymore for someone to come. I'm trusting and relying on God with my life. If there's someone out there meant for me then I know God will bring Him to me. But until then I'm going to try to accept myself and grow closer to God.

Even though sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on happiness and fulfillment without a boyfriend, I know that God is filling that void with His love and it is allowing me to rely on Him more than ever. No guy could ever fill God's place in my heart even though sometimes it seems more satisfying at times. Over the past few months I have found that I am finally content where I am in my life. I don't feel like I need someone to complete me. I don't need to have a boyfriend to be happy. I'm content with the friends and family God has placed in my life- and for me that's enough.There are times I wish I was in a relationship, but I'm trusting God with my future and life that lies ahead.

If you are still single don't think of it as a curse. Look at it and know that God's using your stage of life for a purpose. It may be lonely and depressing to feel like everyone's got someone but you- but God is using this stage of life to teach you something special. Life isn't about having a boyfriend or having the most dates. It is about trusting God with your life enough to say "you can take control of my life and even though I feel like the right person will never come along, I know your thinking of my best and you know what I need and what I don't."

Often times I feel like we think we need people or something that will make us happy. But often the things in this life only satisfy us for a little. If being in a relationship makes you feel complete or whole, I think there's something wrong. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be together because you love each other, but there's a problem when you "need" someone else to make you feel whole. God created each of us to be individuals and He created us to impact and touch each other's lives, not complete them.

I don't want to just date the first guy that comes along. I want to wait for the right one. The guy that matches what I'm looking for in a husband. I want to date someone I could maybe one day see myself marrying. Sometimes I feel like the expectations I have for a husband are too ideal, but I want to make sure that the things I look for in most as a husband are met before I begin to date just anyone. I don't want to let my guard down when I begin to "fall" for someone.

So if you're still single don't go out seeking love. Let God bring the right love into your life. Learn to accept yourself and find yourself before you go out seeking for someone to love. And if for some reason it's not God's will for you to get married, He will provide the people in your life and love to come in such a way that will satisfy your needs. He is always providing even when it's not our way of thinking or what we had in mind. Keep trusting and live your life without waiting for something good to come along. Stop waiting- live now and rely on God for the future.


  1. Sometimes I have this same doubt as you Britt! It can definitely bring me down, but we have to keep focused on God's plan for I know that God has our future husbands all already picked out :)

    loved this post!

    stop by,

  2. Love this post! Of course, I am still young, but sometimes I feel that exact same way. I need to realize that only God can give me the love I need. Thanks for this :)

    With Love, Elizabeth

  3. I loved this post, I have been thinking the same thing lately.
    thanks for posting

    Rachel S