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Dark Rooms {poem}

In our lives we hide things, feelings and emotions
We try to hide what we feel and just go through the motions
We make sure everything appears fine on the outside 
But we are broken, worn and hurt on the inside

Each and every day we hide
The pain and hurt we feel inside
We put up doors so they can't get in
The deep dark parts deep within
The dark parts where the pain resides
Where we keep the memories deep inside

And when it's opened, it all comes out
The emotions, pain, hurts and doubt
The memories come back rushing in
Good and bad, it's like you're reliving them all over again
You try to keep inside all the pain so others won't see
Feeling like you've held it in too long and it needs to be set free

We are each made up of dark rooms and light
Good and bad parts of our delicate life
Without those hard times we wouldn't know God's love
But, looking back on the hard times it's nice knowing someone was looking down from up above

Don't keep your dark rooms contained
Set them free and let them be unconstrained
Learn from the hard times, but leave the pain with God
Know that you are loved and known even though you feel flawed
Treasure each room, both dark or light,
Because each make up a part in your life
And know that when you reach heaven a perfect house will be waiting just for you
A house full of only the brightest rooms, for the way you lived your life and all that you went through

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