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Would You Like To Be Featured?

I'm embarking on a semester long project of creating a magazine for one of my classes. I decided to do mine with an inspirational/devotional theme and was looking for some unique content to put in it. 

So, I didn't know if any of you would like to write up a short article or do an interview that I could include in the magazine. Article topics could be on anything you've gone through, how you've seen God work, struggles you faced, or a story you would like to share- it's kinda open ended! Interviews would be a series of questions I'd ask you. Comment or email me (email button is on my sidebar) if you would be interested! I need quite a few so the more people interested the better. 

I was thinking of also publishing the articles or interviews on my blog with recognition to you (or as anonymous) if you would like (if you'd rather not that's totally fine too!) Thanks so much guys!

Let me know when you can!


  1. I would love to do an interview, I've read your blog for a while and have really enjoyed it. I must admit that I have been a bit of an invisible reader, I have to get better about that :)
    In Christ,