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A Ray of Hope in the Storm

Sometimes we feel alone in the struggles we face. We feel like nobody else feels the way we do. Often times others are going through the same struggles, they just don't always admit it. It seems like we all like to put up walls and make believe everything is perfect and put together when inside we are breaking apart.

Some days I feel like I go through the day acting like everything is okay until I get alone and I break down. I just let it out and relieve all the stress. I really like the quote- "crying is not a sign of weakness, but shows that you've been strong for too long." I think that is so true for a lot of us.

It sure is nice to know that we never have to have our lives in perfect condition to go to God. We can be a total mess and still be fully accepted by God. I know there have been many days where I felt like I was such a trainwreck. I even had a guy tell me that I was "falling apart" while I walked past him into a Barnes and Noble bookstore over the weekend- I guess he could tell I was in a hurry and feeling stressed, I guess it showed? Oh well, haha.

Often times our lives feel like they are completely a mess and we don't know which way is up. We get side tracked and tossed and wonder where God is throughout the mess of things. But then it seems like God shows us just a glimpse of the sun through the thick clouds. Just a little bit of warmth and a ray of sunlight gives us the hope we need to continue through life's journey.

God brings people along through each season of our lives for a reason, it's what we do with those people and how we act that really determines what we take from it. Sometimes people will be the dark storm that never seems to let up, but some people will be that one ray of hope that helps us get through even the darkest night.

Wherever you are in life, if you are looking at your last days, just starting out, trying to find your place in the world or trying to lead your children in the way they should go, know that God has special people and plans for the phase of life you are in right now. Use what God has given you and find purpose where you are. There's always negatives to look at with where you are, but focus on the positives and try to use it to gain a better perspective and use the time you have wisely. You can't get the time you have now back again. Show God's love to others, compliment one another- because we don't do that enough it seems.

So live your life with purpose where you are. Do something kind for someone this week. Ask God for direction and focus on the positives where you are.

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