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A Hidden Light

Sometimes in life we get too caught up in what others think of us and how they view us. We rely on others opinions to determine how we view ourselves and our worth. How many times a negative remark can ruin my day, my esteem and also change me for the worse. I remember growing up and all through my high school years I always hid myself from everyone. I felt like I could never be who I was inside. Others may not have noticed it much, but there was so much more to myself that I felt like I couldn't show and I couldn't just be me. I was afraid people would reject me and think I was stupid or weird. Even starting up this blog and sharing it with others was something I was skeptical about because I wasn't sure how others would react to my thoughts, beliefs and feelings. But even though some people may not like my blog or agree with what I have to say, I hope that maybe what I write could be touching maybe just one person or influencing their life for the better in some way.

There are still many times that I still feel afraid to share things or express my ideas because I don't know how others will take them or if they will think I'm stupid or weird. Sometimes I think we all put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect people. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. I look at so many people and I only see perfect lives with no mistakes and it seems like everyone has it together. When I look at my own life I see so many mistakes, insecurities and broken pieces.

Just like we shouldn't hide ourselves and our personality, we also shouldn't hide our beliefs and relationship with God. It seems like so many Christians out there today hide their faith in the "real" world and act like they are God's best friend when they are at church. It makes me feel frustrated how people can act like they have a double life and not pick a side. We should be acting like Christians with everyone we meet, not only around the Christians we know. What it really comes down to is how we act when we are by ourselves and nobody seems to be watching. God sees the life we are living and He's always looking at how we are acting and what we are doing.

Sometimes I wish I had stepped out more and focused less on what people thought of me and used those opportunities to show God's love to someone instead. It's hard for me to mention God with people who are unsaved because I'm not sure how they'll react. I know it's something I need to work on and not rely on people's view of me, but rather on God's view of who I am.

As Christians God has called us to be different in this world and not conform to the ways that everyone else does. We are supposed to be examples of His love. This starts with learning to accept ourselves and be real with others. It also means showing God's love to others and not hiding our faith or relationship with Him. How can we be a light to the world when we keep it hidden underneath? 

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  1. I want you to never doubt that you are encouraging someone thru your blog. I am constantly challenged, inspired, and encouraged. It seems you often write about the very thing I need to hear at the moment, and I just want to say thank you for being used of God in this way. Blessings!