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Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?

Sometimes we feel like we have to hide everything we are going through. We feel we have to cover up our feelings. We can't show how we really feel. Often times I put on a smile and act like everything is okay when inside I'm falling apart at the seams. Usually one way to really help me open up and be honest is through writing. I can tell others how I feel and open up more.

Lately God has been challenging me to remain honest even though it hurts. Honesty hurts sometimes. Honesty makes us feel vulnerable. Honesty makes us feel exposed. Being honest sometimes is hard since we don't want to hurt someone. And honesty sometimes seems like it hurts us too.

I have found that when I am honest with someone it helps me know that I did all I could and was truthful with them about how I felt. When others are honest with me it helps me know that they respect me enough to open up and not put up a wall. When other people are honest they show me that they are real and they don't need a mask to cover up their imperfections.

Honesty may not be the easiest thing to do, but when it's done in love it is always the right thing to do. When we are honest we don't have to cover up, make excuses or lie about our actions or how we feel. Sometimes I feel like honesty is too blunt and straightforward, but when we use honesty in the right way we can be truthful with someone and still show them we care.

This week try to be more honest and open with people. Take off your mask and show others the real you. Let others know how you really feel and don't be afraid to be who you are inside.

Proverbs 19:1
Better is a poor person who walks in his integrity than one who is crooked in speech and is a fool.

Luke 16:10
Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much


  1. This is a great post and an awesome challenge. Sometimes being honest is so hard! It's just easier to give a smile and say everything is okay, when it isn't. I'm gonna have to work on being more honest!!

    1. Thanks Jessica!! yeah, it sure is easier to act like everything is okay. :) Thanks for your comment!!

  2. Replies
    1. I awarded you - http://notw4life.blogspot.com/ - :-)

  3. I've always had a heart for honesty. Especially when I'm discussing something with someone.... I want them to give me an honest response even if they know for a fact that I won't like what they have to say.
    I have a hard time being honest when I'm asked something super personal... and I don't think the person will believe me. I'm actually going through that right now. I was dishonest with one of my sisters, yesterday, because I didn't think she would understand or believe the truth.....

    1. Alana, that's awesome that you like to be honest with others too- it's good when we can be honest with others and tell them how we really feel. Hope all works out with you and your sister! :)