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My Life's Meaning {poem}

Looking around to people who have lives full of big success make me feel small
Sometimes I wonder why God has me here at all
It feels like right now my life has no purpose whatsoever
Sometimes it seems like God working in my life is taking forever
Right now I feel impatient waiting for God to work in me
I wish I could impact someone, feel needed, or be loved unconditionally
Just when things seem to get better, God closes another door
How come everytime God casts me down just when I'm about to soar?
Just when I feel like my life has meaning God removes everything and I'm back to feeling useless
Sometimes the life I live seems to impact nobody and the things I do seem so pointless
Would anyone be concerned if I ceased to exist?
Would anyone even notice?

No matter if you feel important or your life feels pitiful
Know that you are impacting others even if you feel invisible
Even if you are just influencing one person that can be influential
No matter where you are there is meaning and your life has so much potential
Sometimes life feels meaningless and slow
But God can use our life when it is at it's lowest low
We don't have to be doing anything specatcular to be used by God
He is using your life even if you don't hear the applause
Maybe through this God wants you to draw closer to Him
And to do that He has to make the world distant and dim
He wants your focus solely on your relationship with Him

Use this time in your life to grow closer to God
The hard times may make us feel broken and flawed
But God uses all situations for good, even the smallest of details
You'll look back and see that your life had meaning where you thought you had failed
So use your life right where you are
It doesn't have to be noticeable or bizarre
Trust in God and remain faithful through prayer 
And God will lead and guide you on from there
One day you'll see the reason for what you're going through
So for now live for God, grow close to Him and He will use your life as an example that others can look up to!


  1. love this poem!

  2. I love your blog so I followed. God bless you! :)
    Vianne x