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Finding Perspective

So many things to worry about tonight
Stresses, heartaches, future plans, and pressures
How can I find You Lord in the midst of all I'm feeling?
Why does it feel like you've left me?
So many things have been clouding up my view
I can't seem to find the sun which once shone through
Everything seems like has been slipping underneath me
Things I wish I could keep, but they keep vanishing
How come I only realize how good things once were until they're gone?
I never see just how blessed I was until it's taken away

Lately I've realized just how much I take forgranted the things in my life. I fail to really "see." I overlook so many things. I take forgranted the people in my life and the things God has blessed me with. I overlook opportunities and only think of the present satisfactions. Over this past year it has truly taught me to rely more on God. Before this year I was afraid and lacked confidence, not only in myself, but also in God. I trusted Him with some things, but not as much as I have over the past year. Even though I haven't felt as close to God, it really has taught me to rely more on Him.

I have also learned that when I thought one more day wasn't possible, God gave me the strength. I thought I couldn't make it on my own, but God provided and showed me that I don't need certain people to be a crutch for me. All I need is God. It is hard to rely only on Him, but sometimes He's all we've got. It truly shows us how strong our faith is when we are left to fend for ourselves in a place we've never been to before, and then to be left alone to try to find our way.

Throughout our lives we are given things by God. We are given people and possessions. We are to use our time with them wisely because we don't know how long we'll have them for. God knows when it is the right time to let us let go and for us (or them) to leave. He knows when we are ready and when is the perfect time to allow us to move on. Even though things are hard to handle and changes are rough, we know that God wants us to be where we are for a specific reason and will use that time in our life to better shape us into who he wants us to be.

Just when we thought nothing else could be taken from us we realize that God's chipping away at our life to show us that He's truly all we need. He's showing us that we can stand on our own when everything around us is being shattered. God has been showing me that He is all I need and I don't need to rely solely on others to get me through, but I first need to rely on God. He's my stronghold and my firm foundation. I truly believe with all my heart that God has led me to where I am. The past has been hard, but it has taught me so much. It has made me into the person I am today and will continue to be molded by God. Things are hard, but they are constantly shaping us into who we are called to be.

Don't let the struggles of life get you down. We can all be taught something with what we are going through. There is purpose in everything you're experiencing. Look at what you are going through with an eternal perspective. Most of the things you worry about won't seem to matter much when you look at it with an eternal outlook. Take advantage of the people God has blessed you with. Tell them you love them, because you never know when it may be your last moment with them. Realize all that God has blessed you with. And most of all remember that when everything else fails, God never does. He will always be reliable and come through. Keep trusting- He knows what He's doing!

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