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My Best Friend {a poem}

You're the one who's always loved me
The one who's always encouraged me
When my skies were darkest gray
You were the one who cared enough to stay
You always listen to my heartfelt thoughts
And you have those uplifting words to help relieve me when I'm so distraught
You've always worked your hardest and endured 
But through all of it you have greatly matured
You've set such a great example to me
And, let me admit it, you know me to a tee!
You are one of the strongest Christians I know
And I hope our love for each other through the years will never outgrow
You're the one I've always looked up to
You understand me and you always seem to know what I'm going through
You are so talented, even though you often doubt it
You keep going when anyone else would give in and quit
You are the most humble person, even through all you've gone through
You could have complained through all the struggles and given up, but you still pursued
I've never seen someone with such a big heart and so much determination
Nobody works harder and does a more efficient job than you do!
You always put others so far above yourself and are so selfless
And please know that in my heart you will always be so very very precious
Even though we've grown farther apart in physical distance
You've always been there to comfort me and come to my assistance
You are my role model, bestest friend and so much more
And I know that God has some awesome life plans for you instore
I love you with all my heart and nobody else could ever take your place in my heart
You'll always be my best friend and my go-to person when my world is falling apart
But when I just need a great older sister to go to,
You'll be the perfect one, cause Lay, there's nobody more special than you!


  1. Britt, thank you so much for writing a poem about me. You brought tears to my eyes because I don't deserve everything you say about me and what you think I am. I am glad you see me this way, but believe me I sin and have many faults so don't look up to me too much. However, any of the good things I have I can honestly say are from God. You are the best sister in the world and you always encourage me no matter what!! You have a natural gift from God to encourage and help others. Your blog shows that. Thank you again Britt. Love you lots!!

  2. Aw, this is such a sweet and heartwarming poem! And your best friend's reply is just as heartfelt! xx


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