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A Poem For Someone Special

There's someone so so special in my life
Who has helped me through the chaos and the strife
Who has been there for me all along
Who has always made me feel like I belonged
Who showed me love when I needed it most
And even through the hardest times we remained close
Always thinking of others needs before her own
And being there for me when I felt most alone
She never gave up on me
Never did she fail to see my hurts and needs
She always gives me confidence and reminds me how much I'm loved
And never, never has she made me feel unworthy or unloved

She's been the one who's been through the most, but never would you know it
The one who has the hardest days, but never has she shown it
I've never seen someone with so much determination and perseverance
Someone who keeps fighting and shows true endurance
She has the most credible reason to give up and complain
But never once did she not put others before herself, give up or shove the blame
No matter how much she is going through she still shows love to everyone
She doesn't neglect, show favoritism or shun
But she shows God's love to all
Even when she is mistreated and name-called
But the thing I admire most about her is her strong relationship with God
Others have made fun of her, questioned her beliefs and made her "seem odd"
But in my eyes she is is the most amazing person ever, she's so strong, determined and faithful
Never have I met a stronger Christian with such a great character and is so respectful

She's the one I talk to everyday
The one I miss most when I'm away
The one I cry with, the one I laugh with
And the one I always long to be with
She's known me all my life and understands me completely
She's the first one I go to with my problems and she's always there to help ever so quickly
She is wise, intelligent and smart
And she is the friendliest person I know with the most kindest and selfless heart
She always is there to listen to how I'm feeling no matter how terrible her day
 And when I need encouragement she always finds just the right words and knows just what to say
And when I'm most worried, she helps ease my heart and make me feel calm
So this special person so dear to me, the one person God has blessed me with
From the day I was born to the minute I die,
 I will never be able to thank her for all that she's done in my life
The one who gave me life, the one who woke me up every morning for school
The one who took me to my first day of preschool
You'll always be my role model and the person I adore no matter how far we may be apart
I will always love you Mom with all my heart!


  1. So, so, so beautiful, Britt. :) From the beginning I knew this lovely poem was for your Mom...great writing!
    Tane ♥

    1. Thanks Tane, you are so sweet!! :)

  2. This was a beautiful tribute to your mother. Loved it. Very nicely written.

  3. I love this... So sweet :) thanks for sharing it :)