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When Someone Steals Your Love

How come life can never be enjoyable in the present? Somehow I always feel like I'm looking to the future with hope and expectations and looking in the past and wishing I could go back. I feel like I'm never happy quite with where God has put me. I always see the bad in situations and never can enjoy them in the fullest. Something always is tugging at my heart, worry is always on my mind and carefree days never exist. There once was a time when I could be happy in the moment and enjoyed the day for what it was, but not anymore.

Sometimes I feel like I hold onto the pain and don't want to let it go. I don't want to heal the hurt. All I want is to hold onto it and savor the anger in my heart. Sometimes I just can't let it go and leave it in God's hands. It's so hard when someone has hurt your heart so very much, someone who delved so deep within you and pulled joy out of your life and show love in return. To let them steal your love and in return you have to give them even more of yourself.  Sometimes it feels like such a waste!
I often feel like people who are so hurtful, angry, selfish and conceited do not deserve my love. They don't deserve my time or the effort to love them. But if I turn it around I see that I am not worthy either. God sees me the way I see others and He still chooses to love me. I hurt Him, I am selfish and often think of myself first, but it has never stopped God from showing me His unconditional love. God's love and our love are two different things. We as humans do not have the same unconditional love that God does so it makes it so much harder for us to give out that love. We are sinful and selfish. But as Christians we have God in us and we can show that love when others can't. Just when things seem to be their darkest and we don't have any love left within us to give, God replenishes our heart and allows us to once again show the love to others that He has been showing to us all along.

So when life gets you down- when people steal your love this week just know they truly haven't stolen your love. God's love is always within you and He is right there to pull you back up and fill you with His love once again. Sometimes people steal your joy because they want what you have. They want some of that happiness that is in your life. They see the love in your life and their angry hearts just want a glimpse of what you have.

When someone takes advantage of you this week know that they aren't getting away with stealing your joy, happiness and love- God takes into consideration all that they have done, how they have treated you and He will never allow someone to get away with hurting His precious child! You are so precious to Him and when someone treats you terribly He will never let it go!

Ecclesiastes 12:14
For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.

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