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I gave you my heart, 
I gave you everything I had
I thought you accepted me
I thought we were friends
But now all I know is lonliness and abandonment
I just want someone to need me
I just want someone to love me
Just for who I am
Nothing more and nothing less

Where is that one true friend?
The one that will stick beside me till the end?
I thought I could trust in you
I thought you were my friend
But I guess I was wrong
I thought there was something between us that nobody else had
But how wrong I was that you've replaced it with another friend
How quickly I feel replaced
How quickly I feel alone
Every day I wonder if you will accept me again
Everyday you are changing and I don't understand
True friendship is unchanging
True friendship is making someone feel special no matter who is around
True friendship is loving someone despite their flaws
True friendship lasts longer than the difficulties
True friendship doesn't leave when life gets hard
I once thought that we had a true friendship
I thought you were there for me
But now all I see is that you just wanted me, but didn't need me, like I felt with you

This is something I wrote for someone special in my life right now. She's been going through some hard times and just feeling quite alone with the friends she's had. She's the bestest friend I have in the whole world and I don't know where I'd be without her. I just want to tell all you viewers out there that when life gets hard, when people abandon you, when you feel alone and nobody understands- God does!! Sometimes God removes friends from our lives to teach us to rely on Him and give Him more of ourselves than what we could when we feel comfortable and needed. Just know that God is a friend that will never leave you! He's the bestest friend you could ever have.

Maybe God is removing certain friends in your life to protect you and keep you safe from harm. Maybe God is allowing you to accept yourself for who you are and not rely on others for self worth. Just remember that God allows all things to work together for your best. He's always thinking of you and what will benefit you best!

Thought I'd leave you with some lyrics to one of my favorite songs...it's called Love Does by Brandon Heath. It reminds me that God sees when everyone else overlooks our lives, circumstances and problems...

Nobody knows why your heart is broken
Nobody cries while your prayers are going up
But Love does
Nobody walks on the road you’re paving
Nobody sees all the souls you’re saving
Oh, but Love does
Somebody knows
Somebody cries
Somebody feels
Love does
Somebody walks
Somebody sees
Somebody knows
Love does