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This Is Not Our Home {a poem}

How I wish the moments could slow down
Having to say goodbye always brings distress and a frown
Why is it that something harder is always waiting around the corner?
Why does life keep getting harder as I grow older?
I cringe at my past, suffer in the present and worry about what will happen
I am so caught up in these things that I have forgotten-
I've forgotten to live where God has placed me
To be an example, trust in Him and to be who God has called me to be
Sometimes we get caught up in the struggles of this life
All we see is the heartaches, stress and strife
But there is so much more to the circumstances we face
God has a special and perfect plan for the difficulties and hardships we embrace
When things seem hard and life seems unbearable
Know that the things you are doing for God are commendable
God sees what you are suffering through and will never forget all that you've been through
He will daily give you the strength to help you pursue
Just remember the things done on this earth will far outlast the lives we live here
Once we reach heaven we will be relieved, be set free and have no more tears
God will reward each of us for what we have done on earth
And we will finally see our true life's worth
Every hurtful action, deed and word done to us will be made right
And we will all be judged fairly in God's sight

This world brings us all down everyday
It leaves us feeling depressed, lonely and filled with dismay
But reminding ourselves that this is not our home can keep us focused
It reminds us that we have a far greater purpose
God could be returning today to take you home to live with Him in a perfect heaven
So don't get too caught up in this life, but live for God because He could be returning any second!

p.s- just put a new poll up, I'd appreciate your feedback!


  1. Lovely poem, Britt! I felt exactly this way so many times. This is not our home - it's just temporary, till we go and live with Him. :) Thank you for sharing!
    Tane ♥

  2. Hi,
    I agree with Tane…So sorry your going through a rough time :( I will pray for you.