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Help Me Forgive {poem}

I can't handle these feelings anymore
Please Lord, what do you have in store?
Why am I going through this right now?
I wish I could hear Your voice somehow
My heart has grown so weary
Days have been so dark and dreary
Things got so shadowy and black
All I wanted to do was get the old me back
I hated the anger within me
How it changed me so drastically
When I couldn't take the battle within me anymore
When I wasn't getting any comfort from the things that needed to be restored
I realized I needed to forgive and relieve my heart
I then felt comfort and peace knowing that I did my part
The aches and troubles of my heart had finally faded away and were given to God
He took all that was impure, broken, hurt and all that was flawed
And replaced it with hope, forgiveness, and love
He filled me up again and gave me strength and peace
He allowed all my anger, rage and hurts to be released

God knows how others have hurt you
He saw all your troubles, heartaches and issues
Not one emotion has passed Him by
He has been the one that has always been there waiting to supply
He is just waiting for us to seek Him with our heart
Because He has been there from the very start
Do you have something that needs to be let go of?
Someone who may have hurt you and you feel like they don't deserve your love?
Maybe words that have left your heart shattered?
Actions that left you feeling battered?
Nobody deserves forgiveness, but through Christ we all were given another chance
A forgiveness through Him that was accomplished in advance
If God can forgive us so graciously then we too should forgive
Even if we don't have any love to give
We can ask God to give us the love to show others
He will provide us with the strength to be comforters
If you feel like you don't have the love to show
Ask God and He will help your love grow
He will strengthen your heart and restore your life again
Ask God to help you find forgiveness in your heart and He will help remove the pain
Forgiveness is given for you to help lighten and ease your heart
And is simply fulfilling your part
God will judge accordingly and handle it completely
He won't let it go by indiscreetly
Trust in Him and know He will do what is best
He saw the injustice and felt your distress
Know it is in God's hands now and it will never be neglected
And through all this He is taking these circumstances and allowing you to become better strengthened.


  1. That's beautiful! Thank you so much for the reminder!

  2. Thanks Christina for your comment!! :)

  3. Sometimes not forgiving can be a cancer that eats us up. Its a long process to truly forgive how God wants us to forgive. Beautiful poem