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One day {poem}

 Never did I know how much I could miss you
Never did I know how much I needed you
Never did I realize just how much you meant to me
Not until now
Not until now
I need you now more than ever
Now more than ever
Why did you have to leave me?
Why did things have to change?
Why am I left here alone without you?
Why is it so hard?
Even though time has passed
Even though it's been years
It has never stopped the pain
Never stopped the pain.
Every day it seems to grow worse
The pain within me still arises when I think of you
Every day takes another memory of you away
Every day gets a little harder without you
The only place I can see you is in my dreams
When will I get to see you once again?
When will our pain be relieved?
When will we hold each other and be face to face?
One day I will see you once again
One day all fears will be relieved
One day there will be no more goodbyes
One day tears will be gone
One day we will be forever at last
One day.

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