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Broken, Unaccepted, and Abandoned

I wish I was stronger. I fail. I give up when things get hard. I try to take the easy route. I am broken inside. I often feel alone. I am searching for love. I am broken.

Have you ever felt broken? You aren't sure why you are broken or what has caused you to feel the way you do, but all you know is that you feel like something is missing within you. Maybe you feel like there is part of you that is not healed from the past. Part of you is still holding on to something that broke your heart. Part of you just can't let go. Part of you wants to love yourself but the other half feels unworthy.

Maybe you just want someone to accept you. Desperately searching for love from someone in this big world. You want someone to see you fully and still love you for who you are. You want someone to be there for you always. Someone who cares just for you. Someone who will look you in the eye and say "I love you for you."

Maybe you feel like your trust has been tattered with and you feel like you are just unable to trust others now. So many people have let you down and now you are afraid to open up to people and know they will stick beside you. Maybe you constantly feel rejected and cast aside and nobody has been there to help you through when things get hard. All those whom you once trusted left you and said "forget you, your life is just too difficult"

Maybe one of these has described you, maybe none of them relate to you or maybe you can see yourself in all three. Let me tell you- these three areas are what describe me. I have felt broken, unaccepted and abandoned. My life has had it's ups and downs. People have influenced me for the good and for the bad. They all have taught me a lesson and allowed me to see God in a new way. The difficult times allowed me to see that God never left my side. The good times showed me that God was with me and helped me along with the assurance that He had things in His hands and was involved with my life. Times felt dark and scary at times, but each awoke to a bright warm sunrise reminding me God was with me through it all.

I hope that no matter what you are going through today that you can see God in your circumstances. Days can become quite gruesome and difficult, but there is always something good we can find in every day. Take a moment today and look for the good in the day God has given you!

I thought this song might encourage you today.....Empty and Beautiful.

Psalm 118:24
This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.


  1. Thank you so, so, so much! I can relate 100%! Thank you over and over again!
    Heidi Anne<3

  2. Have had depression and have felt severely broken many times. When you see a tramp or homeless person just sitting there on a doorstep, you may assume he or she is worthless; it's only when you suffer dreadfully yourself and realise that no words are adequate to explain the depth of pain, hurt, upset and even rage within, you can begin to identify with other suffering souls like that. My suffering has at least given me empathy for people worse off than me. That, curiously enough, is a kind of blessing in itself.