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Facing The World

I know I haven't posted for quite some time. Things have gotten kinda crazy and I just didn't know what to post about. Have you ever just felt tired? Tired of doing the same thing every day? tired of the same people? tired of just being you? Tired of waking up to the beeping alarm clock?

Right now in my life I just feel tired. I feel tired of the same people. Tired of homework. Tired of college. Tired of the same struggles to face. Tired of schedules. Tired of teachers. Tired of people.

I just want to find peace and rest. I just want to go home. I want my family. I want comfort. I'm tired of feeling insecure and alone. I want to feel loved again and be where I belong.

We all sometimes are taken to a place that is out of our comfort zone. We are left feeling vulnerable, challenged and afraid. God puts us in these places to better grow our faith in Him and increase our experiences. It is through these times when we feel like we just cannot take another step that He proves to us that we actually can finish strong. Sometimes our legs are not strong enough to take the next step, but with His strength He will give us the courage and perseverance to continue on even through the hardest, cruelest circumstances.

When you feel like you just cannot go on one more step and you need God's help, but it feels like He's not there, just remember that He will come when He knows you cannot go on any farther. If you feel like God is far from you know that He's been there all along. He knew you could handle whatever you were given. If you feel like you've gone through so much pain and suffering let it be a reminder of how much God has entrusted you with. How much He knows you can handle. How strong you are. Suffering may be hard, but in reality it is what God uses to draw you closer to Him. When you are suffering think of it as God saying "I want to be closer to you, this is for your benefit. One day you will see what the purpose of all this was. It is worth it."

Right now I feel like I'm in a state of struggle. Everyday is another day to get up and face the world out there. It is a cruel place that seems to seek out people living for God. It is a place of persecution and often tear filled nights. But remember the tears down here are only temporary. One day we will live in Heaven and understand fully the true meaning of Love and happiness.

God will help you overcome this day. He is with you. He will help you through. He loves you!