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A Spectacular Someone

Waiting. Waiting every day. Every day for someone who will want to stay. Stay and be here with me. Wanting to love me just for me.
Someone who doesn't change.
Someone who remains constant.
Someone who will never fail me.
Someone who is my other half.
Someone who can be funny but yet serious.
Someone who shares their heart with me but takes the time to listen to mine.
Someone who isn't afraid to mention their fears or dreams.
Someone who loves God and has the same love for Him as I do.
Someone who is strong and fearless.
Someone who doesn't focus on the trials but sees the purpose for them.
Someone who looks beyond the beautiful face and sees a beautiful heart.
Someone who notices you when nobody else does.
Someone who cares when the world criticizes.
Someone who accepts when everyone else rejects.
Someone who sees the beauty in the worst of things.
Someone who never leaves.
Someone who never stops loving.
Someone who is hardworking when times get hard.

Now you may be saying- "that sounds nice- but there is no such person" Let me tell you- there is! There is someone who fulfills all these characteristics and has acquired more. Someone far greater than our wildest dreams. This person is God. When the world rejects us, forsakes us, makes us feel insignificant and alone God reminds us that we are not what this world makes us believe. We are created for another place. A heavenly place. An eternal place. This world is just our temporary home. Our Father is awaiting our return. So when you feel like nobody clicks with you down here know that there is someone awaiting you in heaven that is your perfect match. He loves you with all His heart and He will always be waiting for you! Don't lose hope- the day is coming when you will see Him face to face and the troubles of this world will disappear. Just wait!

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