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God Can Use You!

God can use anybody. Maybe you feel like your life is small and inferior to those who are around you. Maybe you feel like your life doesn't have much of an impact. Maybe you feel like you don't have anything to offer or you aren't good enough.

None of us is better than anyone else. We all are created equal and loved by God. We EACH have gifts that God has given us that nobody else can use the way we can. God gave us each a life to live and things to overcome that nobody else will do the same way we can. God uses each of our lives, circumstances, trials and victories differently and has them all for special reasons. If you look back to those God used in the Bible times we can see that God used even the smallest, insecure, menial, poor people and used them for His purpose. He is looking for someone to use in His plan now too- all you have to do is open up your life to Him and ask Him to use you.

Many of us want to be used by God and ask for Him to use our life, but do we really mean what we are saying? When I ask God to use me I often don't think of what the results are- what lies down the road in the future if God uses my life? Will He take me places that are scary, out of my comfort zone or uncomfortable? It is easy to ask God to use our lives, but it is a different story by actually trusting Him with our future and putting our lives in His hands and not worrying about where He will lead us down the road.Going back to the people during the Bible times- Even though things were hard on the people that He used, God was with them and He guided them where they needed to be. He showed them that no matter what lied ahead down the road that He would be there for them and He knew what was best for them.

If you are feeling like you want to be used by God in your own life ask God to use your life and that you would have the trust and faith in Him to give Him complete control in your life. Leave your life in His hands and know that when things get hard that it is in His control and He has you there for His will. I know with going away to college I was wondering where God wanted me to go to college. When I visited the college I'm at now I felt God telling me that this was the college for me. Instantly I knew it would be a hard transition- the hardest thing I have ever done, but I knew it was what God wanted me to do. I could feel the insecure part of me begging me to choose the easy way out, but I knew what I had to do. I knew that God's will was more important than Satan trying to talk me out of it. I wanted to follow His will for my life and when I got to campus this fall even though things were hard and difficult I knew this is where God wanted me to be. He has me here for a purpose and He will guide me and lead me while I'm here if I keep asking for His guidance. Don't just ask once for God to use and guide you- it is a continual process and step to go down the right road.

I hope that what I wrote here on my blog could have been of some use to you in your own life and that you can draw closer to God in your own life.


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