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Facing A New Season {a poem}

Lord, I don't want to move on 
I've just become content in this season and now I'm torn
Why do things always have to change?
Why can't they ever just stay the same?
 Suzi Marshall, via Flickr
Lord, remind me that You allow changes in my life to shape and mold me. 
They're not meant to harm me, but allow me to be made into who I am created to be.
Allow me to trust You with the constant changes that I face
And to accept the future with joy and grace
You want me here right now for a special reason 
And You have perfect timing for my every season
No matter what season of life I'm going through
Help me to accept it, overcome and move on into the next season by trusting You


  1. Oh I LOVE this!
    Changes can be tough but we have to be like Paul was "content in every circumstance".
    Sometimes its hard but like you said we have to let the Lord remind us to remember that He has everything in control.

    Thanks for the encouragement!


    1. aww...thanks Morgan! :) thanks for your comment!!!