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Your Last Chance

We all have experienced things that others have not. We each have a story and have gone through things that nobody else may never understand. We each can relate to other people's problems and difficulties, but that does not mean that we will understand the pain and hurt they are experiencing.

How many times do I focus on my needs and not others. I think my little problems are the end of the world, but fail to see that others lives are much worse than my own. I tend to make a big deal of things when a little bump in the road comes along, while those who have so many tough experiences keep their issues to themselves.

Death is something that grips me and makes me think about more than just the petty little things of everyday life. It makes me feel like that person in my life may not have a tomorrow and I should do everything I can to help show God to them. Or I may even be living my last day today and did not reach out to that one person that was looking for answers.

So, maybe it is time to ask God today to show you who you could show God's love to or go out of your way to be kind. You never know when it may be your last day to witness to someone or show them encouragement. God has you here for a purpose- you are an impact to so many people! Make your life count for God.

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