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Influencing the World

Searching to find acceptance in this big old world
Wondering where or who will be there when things get hard
This world is so big and making an impact seems hard
Could I be the one who makes a difference for the good?

We all are seeking to feel accepted by those we admire or just want to feel needed or loved. We want to feel useful and wanted. We want to feel unique and special. We want to do something that nobody else can do but make a difference. We want to leave an impact on the world- a mark saying we were special. It is hard to do all that when we are trying to just survive through the struggles we face and the constant pain of each day.

 But we all have a special part- a unique gift that God has given us to use in this world. Do you know what yours is? Sometimes it is hard to find it offhand. I try to think of things that make me happy. Helping others always makes me feel enjoyment and pleasure- I'm sure lots of people do. I also like to design blogs...so being able to give out free blog designs and help people out really gives me pleasure. Writing on my blog also gives me pleasure to share what God has inspired me to write and also hopefully help readers who drop by and read my blog. Find the things you love and use them in a way to show them God's love.

Maybe you are thinking- "Yeah, duh- I know that! but I want to impact the world, not just a few people?!" Impacting a few small people is influencing the world. We all have to start somewhere and influencing a large scale does not make you any more important. When Jesus walked the earth- He cared about the small people. He had close relationships with the "nobodys" and made them feel special. God can use anyone to spread the Gospel. Sometimes it just takes a few sincere and personal friendships to be more influential on someone's life than maybe a widespread message.

You are impacting people everywhere you go. People look at your life to see how you act, what you do and what you believe. Be a difference in this crazy world for God. Don't let the world draw you in and make you think that things are okay when they aren't. Remember your purpose and that your life is only temporary here on earth. Influence others for God and not for fame. Remember who God made you to be and share with the world His work in your life. We each have a special story that nobody else can tell the way you do. You are unique, you are special. You are an influence- just remember to make sure it is for God.


  1. Love this! Every small act of kindness or encouragement can completely change someone. I don't think it's possible to change the world in one big step, I think it takes several small ones to get there...and every little thing helps.

    1. Thanks Jessica for your comment! Yeah, even the tiniest acts of kindness can change someone's life!: ) Yeah- it sure is hard to change the world in one big step- it takes the little ones :) Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  2. I loved this post! It really encouraged me. :) I really like helping people too. Sometimes I wish I could help everyone! But this post is a great reminder that even the small things can make a huge difference for God.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment- glad it could encourage you!! :)