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Holding the Moments

Somehow listening to instrumental music while listening to the crickets at night and gently typing away on my laptop always eases my mind and makes me feel at rest.

Have you ever had a time in your life that you wish you could grasp and say "I don't want to forget how I'm feeling right now?" I've had so many of those recently. I just want to hold on to these moments and not let them pass me by. Lately I feel like I am focusing more on time and how precious it is. Seeing the days and weeks getting shorter for when I go away to college has been something that has been my main focus even though I feel like it is all a dream.

 Moments with my family and friends that I don't want to lose go of when I go away to college. Memories I don't want to forget. Not wanting to grow up. Not wanting to change who I am. Not wanting to change what I'm doing.

Do you have something that is lying ahead in your life that you don't know what to expect? You don't know where God will lead you or how He will use you? You don't know who you will meet along life's journey or how others will treat you? You want to be used by God and be different, but you want to feel loved and appreciated.

Wherever you are in your life, no matter how far you've come or what you have been through- know that God has brought certain people, circumstances, and obstacles into your life to shape you into who you're meant to be. Things may get hard, but when they do know that God will help you through it when the time comes. Things may get dark and shadowy and you may wonder where God is, but know He will bring you through and you'll soon see the sunrise. God has special plans for your life and though it may seem uncertain and quite terrifying wondering what He has in store for you- just remember that His plan for you is something extraordinary! He will use your life in ways you never thought were possible- but you have to be willing. Willing to take a chance. Willing to be courageous. Willing to take a step of faith. Willing to be confident and assured that He is with you no matter what.

Don't let fears and ideas cloud your mind with uncertainty. Remain confident in God and remember He said He would never leave you. Never forsake you. Never abandon you when things get hard. He will be with you until the very end. He will see you through and give you peace in the midst of your storm. He is with you and will help you.

 Psalm 30: 5
Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. 


  1. I often feel this way and I always struggle with letting go! There are so many memories that I have that I wish that I could go back to. Just the other week I was at camp and I had wished that it would last forever...but it didn't. because everything must end, but I always just wish that the great moments wouldn't end...but I guess that's just how life works. Great post though Britt =)

    1. Thanks Brittney for your comment!! yeah, it is sad how moments we wish would last forever quickly fade away!! Thanks for dropping by and reading!