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Fade Away {poem}

Day after day feeling inferior
When others make themselves become more superior
Just when I begin to feel accepted
I am reminded of my failures and I again feel rejected
Every day is a constant fight
But I have to remind myself that in the end it will all be made right
Even though trials and mistakes may seem so significant
I'll soon see that when I reach heaven those "important" things will be inexistant
Things that were not done for Christ will all fade away
So I have to remain focused on God and not go astray
Remind me why I'm here Lord
Remind me of my future and heavenly reward
My life here on earth is but a moment compared to eternity
So help me to continue to live a life for you effectively
Your love is all I need
You will never reject me if I fail or succeed
When this life gives me pain and agony
I have to remember that they will soon pass away and are only temporary
Give me Your strength to get me through the day
Show me Your love and let me be an example for You Lord, this I pray.


  1. Oh my goodness Britt! That was really good! You are a beautiful writer AND poet! By the way, I know you are thinking about writing a devotional, and I just wanted to tell you that I really that I really hope you do, and that I would be one of your first buyers! :)

    1. Aww...so sweet of you Brooke! Thanks so much- you brightened my day!! Hopefully soon I can publish a book- I can't wait!! :)

  2. ^^^this^^^ is good. really really good! :) wow!

    hey, do you button swap?



    1. Thanks Hannah for your comment- glad you liked it!! :) I currently don't do a button swap, but if I do decide differently, I'll let you know!