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Wordly Obsessions

Thanks Y'all for all your prayers- I'm feeling much better! I felt better on Tuesday night but just didn't get a chance to post. On Tuesday I was feeling pretty tired and not so great but God allowed me to feel better by Tuesday night so I could go and spend time with my cousins, aunt and uncle. I was hoping I could go and God allowed me to feel better so I could go-it was a great answer to prayer after feeling terrible the past week.

This past week I realized just how thankful I should be for all that God has blessed me. I have a family who loves me, I live in a Christian home, I don't have any major health problems and I have a God to go to when I need assurance and help. This week I realized just how much I need God and how much I have grown accustomed to doing things by myself. I hadn't realized just how much I took advantage of things in my life. Hardships and trying times always show me that my plans are not the best and God has something special in store. It sure is nice that God never goes on vacation since I need Him all the time....even though I'm not always aware of it.

spring2011 039Sometimes God brings things in our life to refocus our attention and see what is important. This past week I was "instructed" by my mom to stay off the computer since my eyes were bothering me. It allowed me to see how much time I spend on the computer and how much more I rely on my computer and not on God-even though the things I do on the computer allow me to help others and grow closer to God (as weird as that sounds). It was so hard giving up the one thing that I enjoy doing and giving it to God even though it was for a temporary time.

So I encourage you- do you have something in your life that you feel is overtaking your spiritual life? Something that you do way too much and may not realize it? Take inventory of your life and see what you spend doing the most. What are you constantly thinking about?

Even though it may be a super hard adjustment we can limit those things we are too obsessed with and replace it with things that will last for eternity. Maybe you are using those things you are obsessed with for God, but I believe that you shouldn't let something else take away from your alone time with God even if it is ministering to others- you need time to grow too. 

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  1. Britt, I totally understand and agree with you. That happens to me a lot. I think oh, we'll in using it for God and reading these blog posts encourage me in my walk with him and inspire me, but still I need to take. A break sometimes. Sometimes I need a break every week. But anyways, yeah I understand this. Thanks for sharing :)