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Seeking God {poem}

Tonight I pray to you Lord
You are the one that I truly adore
I lay my requests to you and wait
Because I know that you will guide my path straight
I don't know what the future holds
Or what circumstances will unfold
I don't know what to expect
But I know that whatever your plan is - it is perfect
God, you will never abandon me when things go wrong
You will still announce to the world you love me when I am unpopular and don't belong
You remind me that I am beautiful just for being me
And you will always hear my every cry and silent plea
You never underestimate the hurt I feel 
Or say that what I'm upset about isn't a big deal
You know what I'm going through; You see my heart
You understand me and help me get back up when I have fallen apart
Thank You for being there for me to go to when nobody else was
Thank You for encouraging me on and sometimes being my only applause
Let me see myself through Your eyes 
And get my focus off all of the wordly lies
Everyone is unique, special and beautiful
We all have special talents and abilities that make us wonderful
Remind us all that no matter how others make us feel
We should only focus on You Lord and remain, true, authentic and real


  1. This is beautiful, Britt! Alex