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Weekly Character Challenge {week 30}

Some days I just get so confused with life. I question why I'm here and why I don't feel like I have purpose. I feel like my life does not impact many and I just am trying to get through each day. Sometimes I feel disappointed with the life I live and that I can't help others more. Sometimes I wish I could help others and let them know just how much I care for them, but I don't know how the best way is to show it.

Often I forget my true purpose here on earth and I should be focusing on things that will last for eternity and not just for the "now." Our lives are so temporary and each moment is so precious. How many days I waste my time just doing stuff that I want to do and not trying to be a help to someone else. So many times I get upset, angry, confused or impatient with stupid things and I should rather be focusing on how to serve God through the difficulties since this is not my home- I'm just passing through.

So my challenge to you this week (I know this is kinda late in the week), but for the rest of the week- do something extra kind for someone and show them you care. Help show God's love to someone and maybe even give a testimony or a way God has worked through your life after doing a kind deed to help spread the Gospel. We never know what our kind deed or word has done for someone else that day or even for life. You never know how much your actions or words could influence someone for life.


  1. :) Britt, you really do give me encouragement for everyday struggles. This is really inspiring! :)

    1. Thanks so much Azure!! :) you are so kind!!