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Pour Out Your Heart

God has us all go through things in life that we wish we wouldn't have to go through. Sometimes things happen and we just feel like we can't bear it anymore. We feel overwhelmed and we don't know how we will be able to face the future. Well, you don't have to bear it anymore. God tells us that we can give up all our issues, problems, circumstances, attitudes, worries and fears and pour them out to Him. When we feel like our cup is running over with so many problems and issues and we can't pour anything else into our cup- God reminds us to pour out our hearts to Him and He will take them. We will be relieved when we pour our hearts and problems and leave them to Him. We can pour out as much as we need because God's cup never gets full.
When we pray, we don't have to have our prayers answered for our burden to be lifted. Just relieving our hearts and pouring out our problems to God helps us start out fresh again and refocused. God gives us so many blessings and talents. Sometimes we have to remember to give back those blessings that God has given us and give the glory to God. We wouldn't have all those talents and gifts without God giving them to us. How many times I forget that.

You can give all your burdens to God. You don't have to bear them on your own. He is there for you to go to. People will fail you. They will let you down. They will not always be there for you. But God will. He is ALWAYS there for you and will never stop loving or listening to you. It sure is nice to know that God will listen to you whenever you talk to Him. I do not know many people who will just listen to my thoughts without butting in or talking over me. It sure is nice to know that God listens and will always listen to me no matter how many times I go to Him and relieve my heart.

Psalms 62:8
Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.

So if you feel like your cup is getting overfilled with burdens and heartaches....go to God and empty your cup so you can re-focus your life and be refreshed this week. We can't do things on our own, but with God's help throughout the hard days we know we will get through.

Thank you for dropping by my blog and reading!! hopefully something I wrote today could encourage you! By the way, I disabled anonymous comments temporarily since I was getting tons of spam comments (and I didn't want to do the word verification since I get irritated doing them) but hopefully soon I'll enable them again : ) Just thought I'd let you know! If you ever want to leave an anonymous comment you can just fill out my email form on my social links on the side- and just write anonymous name section : )