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What is the Meaning For This?

There are days when I just want to ask God: "What is the purpose for why I'm going through this? Do you see the pain I'm suffering?" Maybe you feel like you don't need to deal with something right now and you don't understand why He is allowing you to go through something so hard. I often question His plans and I wonder if it is worth all the pain and suffering?

http://media-cache-ak1.pinimg.com/736x/d9/b9/64/d9b964826f2eee1ec501ab0a07220542.jpgSo if you are feeling the same way, please know that what you are going through is for God's great and wonderful purpose. When you feel like everything is crashing down and the everyone is against you- keep looking up to God because He's got everything in control.

I know there are SO many times when I'm confused, upset and angry with circumstances and I often forget to pray and ask God for His help. He usually is the ONLY one who can help, and I go to Him last. I have to remember to go to Him first with all my needs.
And then there are times when we don't know what the result of the circumstances that God is leading us into and we just have to trust in Him to help us through the darkened path ahead. Right now everything may seem unclear and hazy- but when we reach heaven, God will remove the haziness from our eyes, and we will be able to see things clearly and understand His plan! That will be an amazing day!

So don't waste your time just existing on earth by getting through one day at a time. Live your life- go out and do amazing things!! Show God to others. Be kind to a neighbor, listen to someone's feelings, send a card to a loved one....do something extraordinary and show God's love! Don't let your circumstances define your happiness and make you feel miserable.
If you can't do anything more with your circumstances- leave them in God's hands by praying for His will to be done- and don't let them take up your time and joy. God allows us to go to Him to pray and ask for His help so we don't have to worry. God has things under control and He will never let anything happen that wasn't meant to be.

So, know that what you are going through is worth it, you will be proud of yourself after it is overwith that you stuck through and preservered. Don't give up. God is with you. He has a purpose. Trust in Him. You WILL make it through with God's help.

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