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Are You An Influence?


You don't have to be someone well known in the world to influence it.
You don't have to know the right words to say to impact someone's life
You don't always have to do the right thing to be an example
You don't have to be popular to be loved
You don't have to be attractive to be noticed
You don't have to be perfect to be accepted
You don't have to be popular to influence
You don't have to be anyone important to be used by God
You don't have to be brave to overcome
You don't have to be accepted to be special
You don't have to win to be happy
You don't have to look to the past to embrace the future
You don't have to be smart be loved by God
You don't have to have to be doing the latest trends to be accepted by God
You don't have to speak to someone to brighten their day
You just have to be REAL
You just have to be YOU.

This is a list of things I came up with that I feel we often focus on and get caught up in. We often don't realize how much our words, or even just a smile can influence someone. I was listening to Brandon Heath's song Paul Brown Petty yesterday, and these lines just influenced me to write this post.

"And you might say, hey, what’s so great
Sounds like a simple man
He wasn’t rich or famous but
To me, he sure was grand"

In this song it is talking about a man that Brandon Heath looked up to- and he may not have been anyone famous or special to most, but he was special to Brandon. That just inspired me and showed me that I do not have to be well known or popular to influence. I may need to be popular to influence the world- but it sure would be nice to impact just a few people deeply, than a whole lot of people on a shallower level. We never know how much our tiny lives reach out to others just by the things we do and say. 

I often can relate better to the people who are more unpopular and inferior since I am one of those people too. You may think you don't impact anyone- but you are always impacting someone! Don't feel bad about who you are, God looks at you and says "You are special, You have purpose, You were created special to be an influence." 

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