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Times in the Past and Future

Hey Y'all,

I want to apologize for not posting these past few days. Life has been pretty crazy these past few days since my sister was home for spring break and by the time I normally would write a post, I was so tired I couldn't concentrate enough to write a thoughtful post. I also felt like I didn't have too much inspiration recently which also allowed me to not have the urge to blog as much either.

Sometimes changes happen so fast we don't even have time to react- all we can do is accept them and take them as they come. It is hard to accept the changes in our life and move on though. Have you ever felt like you have been waiting for something to happen for so long and then when it does finally happen it feels like the time went by so fast? I don't know if that makes any sense- but that is how I felt with highschool. I just wanted to get out of school so bad and it felt like I was there forever and it would never end. But my last year of school just seemed so quick and now when I look back on it I feel like I wish I had cherished and changed the years I spent in school.

SteepMemories are often bittersweet- we love looking back at the good memories, but at the same time you maybe wish you could go back and experience them again. Memories often hurt even though they may be good- we want to go back into that happy time in our life when everything seemed perfect. But then there are those bad memories when you want to forget them or wish you could change them.
Something I love about memories is that you can go back in your mind and relive them again like you were actually there doing it. But to tell you the absolute truth, nothing is like doing the real thing for the first time. No matter how many times you try to relive a memory (or fun time) it never is the same as the first.

I feel like when we reach heaven we will have a similar taste of the joy and happiness that we experienced in our memories of our lives down here on earth. I also think that we will be making new happy memories that will totally outnumber the joys and happy times we experienced on earth. Isn't that so neat that we will actually be making memories that will be including Jesus?! It is so exciting (but nerve-wracking) to think that we will be able to talk with God one-on-one and He will actually take the time to sit down and listen to us. Not many people down here on earth listen to us, but, to have the God of the universe listen to us seems so enthralling!

So, just some random thoughts on my mind tonight. Oh yes, and I might have a "surprise" post coming within the next few weeks. I'm trying to "prepare" for it so it may take me a little while, but hopefully you will enjoy this secret surprise post coming!

I hope you all have a fantastic day and beginning to your week!


  1. wow, just what I have been thinking lately.

    Thanks Britt!

    1. Aww...thanks so much Abby! : ) I'm glad you could relate to what I posted!

  2. It will be amazing to go to heaven and see God and Jesus face to face. We can have one on one conversations with God now though, he listens to us and gives us his full attention. He loves us so so much and we are his. His love for us will never change. He is beautiful.