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Weekly Bible Study Linkup {week 10}

Today I thought I would do one of my weekly Bible Studies. I hope that you can all join me too! So I was pondering on what to do the study on for this week and I decided to do it on peace. We all have probably heard of the word before and most likely we know what it means. But it sure is another story on how to have it.

Now wouldn't it be nice to have peace in every situation and feel at rest even in the midst of trouble. I picture Jesus being like that. I picture Him being a calm and peaceful Man even in hard times with so much conflict and worry. I'm sure peace is something we all could experience more in our lives. We all need to have more peace, but not just peace- we need God given peace. God given peace is so much different than the world's peace. God's peace is so heartwarming that it gives you rest and relief, but it also gives you confidence and strength through the hardest of times.

I know that God has given me peace even in the midst of the worst struggles. His peace has shown me that He will get me through things no matter how scary they seem. He gives us things that look impossible and we wonder how in the world we will get through them, but we do. And I believe His peace allows us to get through them. it is knowing that He has control over everything and will not let us crumble beneath our trials. It is through that peace that we know He is right beside us looking at us telling us it is okay. And it is that peace that eases our heart at night and allows our doubts and worries to fade away.

the purple pathBut something that I believe goes hand in hand with peace is trust. We first have to trust in God to get peace. Without trusting in God to help us through hard times it is hard to experience His peace. Trusting in Him to give us peace and not worry about the future is hard, much harder than we think. It is easy to trust when things are easy, but when the going gets hard it sure takes a lot to trust in God to know what is best. Praying always helps me feel better when I'm going through something hard. Just knowing that I'm talking to God and that He is already starting to help me while I'm praying helps so much.

So, now that I have mentioned my thoughts about peace, here are my questions for you....

1. What is your definition of peace?
2. What is the hardest thing in your life to have peace about?
3. Has there been a time in your life where you felt anxious for something and God gave you peace about it?
4. What do you think the difference between earthly peace and God-given peace is?
5. What is a verse you enjoy that talks about peace?

Well, there's the questions. If you'd like to link up please feel free to link below! I'd love to hear your thoughts and answers!

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