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Overtaken By Fear {poem}

rock paths...
Fear is something so controlling and overtaking we can’t seem to get free from
It is so hard in the midst of life and circumstances to remain peaceful and calm
I have let fear conquer my life and overtake the things I do
And the more I allowed fear to control me the more my worries grew
Fear is such a strong emotion and so very hard to get rid of, as I’m sure you know
And fear is something that we will most likely not outgrow
Maybe you are fearful of something right now
And you wished you could overtake that fear somehow?
It takes a lot of courage, strength and bravery
But most of all we have to pray and ask for God’s security
God tells us directly that we can do ANYTHING through His power
All we have to do is ask God and He will be our strength in our darkest hour
He will replace what once were our failures and worries
and replace them with successful, overcome journeys
Circumstances may be impossible, but with God all things can be obtained
No matter what this world asks us to sustain
So if you are fearful and afraid
Please don’t get overly dismayed
God has a plan for what you are going through
and He surely will not ever leave you
Fear is something you imagine, it is not truly real
We let it consume us and cause our problems to overtake how we feel
We focus on our feelings more than what God can help us achieve
But, we can do anything with God if we just believe
So the next time you feel scared and fearful
Don’t let your feelings overtake what God can do through you


  1. Thank you for this....this is my heart's cry right now--I've been suffering from a lot of fear lately, and it's so hard to overcome it and have peace. Thank you for this poem, Britt!
    I also wanted to say you always have the most AWESOME pictures in your posts!! I always save them and I love to use them on my iPod's background--they always fit perfectly! :)

    1. Oh, I'm sorry that you have been feeling fearful lately. I will be praying for you :) I'm glad that you could use the poem!! Oh, how sweet- I'm so glad you like the pictures!! :) How awesome that you use them for your iPod's background, that's so neat! :) Thanks Hannah for your comment- you made my day!