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True Wisdom

Wisdom is something we all most likely want and aspire for. At least I know I do. I long for wisdom in subjects for college, wisdom in my hobbies, and mostly I long for wisdom about God. I truly have so much to learn about God I can't even begin to tell you. But, there are some times I get the thought in my head that I know all about God and I don't need more knowledge about Him. I've been saved since I was 7 and went to a Christian school, I heard all about God growing up with church, at home, at school....I should know all there is to know about God, right?

Well, quite honestly, that is totally wrong. We all are learning more about God no matter how long we have known Him and we all will never know enough about God to not need to learn any more. We can never fully grasp God and know Him completely. Now, you may be wondering- "If I never can fully know God, then why try to learn more about Him?" Good question- well, it isn't just about seeing who knows the most about God- it is understanding Him and having a much deeper knowledge- feeling His love and loving Him. It is about wanting to learn more about Him and spend time with Him.

We should not only want wisdom about God, but we should also be seeking wisdom from God in the choices and decisions we are making. Right now in my life, I have chosen to go to a college away from my home in which I will start this coming fall. I'm so afraid, beyond words can express. And after doing my devotions I feel like maybe the choice I've made wasn't with God's wisdom. At the time I asked for God to show me what college to choose- and that one stood out beyond the rest. But right now I feel like I'm second guessing myself. We all need God's wisdom in our life. We need His help and guidance to show us which choice to make. I know I truly wouldn't have picked the right college to go to on my own- there are so many out there, but God led me to the right one just where He wants me. Sometimes Satan gets in our thoughts and he tries to lead us astray. We have to keep trusting in God and seek His wisdom and not our own (or Satan's).

True God given wisdom allows us to have a higher knowledge and gives us an outlook that we couldn't have on our own. But we first need to ask for this wisdom. We often can't get it until we ask God for it. By doing this we can pray and ask God for the wisdom in our choices and life first, before we go to anyone else with our problems. Then before we go to a trustworthy and wise person we also can pray for them to give us good, godly guidance. It sure is hard to know that God has a wisdom beyond ours and He has everything in control when we don't know the future. It is especially hard asking for God to show us which way is best when we are afraid where God's way might lead us. But God will help us through it and He will make sure we can finish strong!

Sorry that this was such a LONG post, but I just had a bunch to share. I hope I didn't overload you (I think I probably did). But I hope something I said helped!! : ) oh, and I also have a new poll up- if you get a chance maybe you can vote your opinion!! : )


  1. Enjoyed reading your entry Britt.I have a lot to say on the subject.your entry is very interesting. But impossible here for me to expand on it here.. Messsge me if you'd like. Best to you:-)

    1. Oh thanks for your comment- glad that you enjoyed it! : )

  2. Hi Britt! So, this is like a week after you posted this, but I was fasting from blogger this past week, so I only saw it now. :) I want to say that this post talks about something I have been thinking about quite a bit lately. I want to know God better, and I want to always be growing deeper in him. He is so great and wonderful and strong and beautiful and awesome and amazing. (Sorry, I get a bit carried away when talking about him sometimes :) ). But sometimes I feel just the way you are explaining. :) This is a post I think I want to go back over and read more other times too. I think blogger should do that, you know, let you bookmark posts that you like so you can read them multiple times and be encouraged again? And about your long post.... Well, first of all I didn't notice it's length at all, and I'm a person that usually notices long posts and can have a short attention span with them, but also, if it is long, don't worry, I think this comment is almost as long. :) I have so much to say, I guess I really missed you over this fast. :)