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Weekly Character Challenge- Week 14

So, today is another day for my Weekly Character Challenge. I hope that you all did okay on the last challenge (it was to be submissive to authority). I have to admit- I kind of forgot to do it throughout the week. Hopefully you all did better than me!!!

But, anyways! This week's challenge is to do something OUT OF THE ORDINARY for someone. And by that I mean: send someone a thinking of you card, tell someone how much you love them, do an extra kind deed for your mom or dad, buy a special gift for your sibling,- do something that you normally wouldn't do for someone and be extra kind and thoughtful! You won't be sorry that you did it!! : )

So, this week do something extra special and something that someone may not expect! :  ) Feel free to tell me what you did throughout the week- I'd love to hear what you did and how it turned out!!

Thanks for dropping by!

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