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Strengths and Weaknesses

Something I read in my devotions recently was to focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. So many times I tend to focus on all the weaknesses I have and don't focus on the strengths God has given me.

Instead of looking at all the things you do wrong, and trying to fix them- instead look at all the wonderful talents and gifts God has given you and use them for God instead of being upset about all your weaknesses. God doesn't want us to be obsessing on things that we do wrong and trying to fix them, but instead we should rather be using that time and using our strengths to glorify God. Now, please don't get me wrong- I think that it is good to work on our weaknesses, but we shouldn't be focusing on it more than our strengths. We all have weaknesses and have trouble doing things- that is why God allowed us all to have different strengths so we all can do things differently.

I know in my own life I tend to beat myself up about not being able to socialize with others and not being able to express myself to them verbally. I always get upset over not being a social person and how I don't like going to social events and hanging out with other people. But I totally love meeting new people online and getting to know them better. I like emailing people and chatting with my family online. I like encouraging others with the words I write and things I can post on my blog. So, even though I may not be able to express myself and encourage others with my actions and spoken words, I truly do hope that I can use what I write to encourage and inspire others.

So, please- don't focus on all the things you can't do right and just look at all the things you aren't good at doing, when God has allowed you to have so many gifts to glorify Him with. Don't become discouraged, but rather use your many gifts and abilities for God and be joyful for the many talents He has blessed you with!

YOU have such great talents and abilities that nobody else has that can inspire and encourage people differently than anyone else ever could. YOU are such a blessing to God and He delights in YOU and loves YOU just exactly for who YOU are!

I hope that what I wrote could have been of some encouragement to you today. Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Thanks Britt, I needed to read this, this morning I'll be thinking about it as I go to work and try not to stress out over what I cannot do and instead focus on my strengths. Even if no one else sees my strengths as such I know that God does! :)

    1. Thanks Monica for your comment! Glad that it encouraged you! :) Thanks for dropping by!!

  2. Beautiful post!!!! You are such an encouraging girl!!! I LOVE your blog so much, and I will definitely keep on reading your encouraging posts!!!

    1. Oh, thanks so very much!! : ) I'm so glad that it could have encouraged you!!