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Taking Insults With Love

One thing that I truly do struggle with is taking insults that others say to me with love. I have such a hard time with the words others say to me to make me feel bad about myself and replacing that hurt with love.

Instead of loving that person in return I hold a grudge against them negatively in my heart (even though I may not show it). I feel like I just don't want to let go of those mean words they said to me. I feel like it isn't fair to forgive them for all the hurtful and mean things they have done to me, but I should really think of all that Christ did for me and know that I don't deserve His forgiveness. Also when we forgive others it shows that we are taking the next step and we will be glad that we forgave them in the end because it is so much more meaningful than holding a grudge for all that time and feeling sorry for ourselves.

When we forgive others we truly can forget the past and all the hurtful things said and move on with a clean heart and feel renewed.

So, if you are holding a grudge about the insults or mean things said to you and don't want to let go of the past- forgive and forget in your heart and leave the past behind you. You don't know how much it will change your life! 

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  1. Hey Britt!!! please check out my friends blog at ladybugsfootprints.blogspot.com. she did a photo challenge and you need to check out the pictures. I did it :):)

  2. Thanks for letting me know Betsy!! :)

  3. I've learned in my grief support group that we allow people to make us feel bad. We are the only person we have to answer to. It doesn't matter what others say or think about us as long as we know and love ourselves. Our therapist tells us the remove all negative people from our lives because we do NOT need them.

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  5. Thank you Kay and Elizabeth for your nice comments! Thank you for sharing and leaving your thoughts! :) I so do appreciate it!

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