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Forgranted Blessings (2)

Hello all!

So today I thought I would do a Forgranted Blessings Post.
So what this means (if you don't remember from when I did it before) is that I will list 7 things I am thankful for that I tend to take forgranted...then you can feel free to list some things that you are thankful for in the comments section!!!

1. Being able to spend valuable time with my family and enjoy them
2. I am so blessed with the family God has given me- I would not choose them for ANYONE else!! (I'm sure you feel the same way!)
3. I am so thankful to be able to pray to God- it is so reassuring knowing that God is there always listening to me!
4. Being able to live in an air conditioned house during the summer! Ah, I don't know how I would survive without cool air to live in and sleep in
5. Being able to indulge in chocolate and delicious foods that I love
6. Knowing there is a wonderful reason why I am going through everything in my life right now! It is so reassuring knowing that everything I am going to face, have faced and am facing right now is for a great and glorious reason and that all I have to do is go through it and just trust in God that He will help me through it!
7. Being able to see each beautiful season and enjoy all that comes with each one!

Well, feel free now to list some things you are thankful for in the comments section if you'd like

Thanks so much for dropping by!


  1. Lovely post!! It is always awesome to look back and see some things we take forgranted and it makes us feel so much more blessed!

    Some things I take forgranted:
    1. Freedom of speech
    2. Freedom of religion [that's a biggie!!]
    3. Freedom of the press
    4. That I live in a home with Christian parents
    5. That I live in a safe environment
    6. That I have a computer to blog on!
    7. That I can walk on two legs

  2. Thanks Hannah- these are wonderful things to be happy/thankful for. So many things I take for granted as well! thanks for listing some! :)