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Being a Part of Somebody Else's Story

I heard this song in church today and it really inspired me. I want to be that person who is part of someone else's story and truly impact them for the good.

So many of us think we have to go to another country to witness and minister to others when we can be ministering to people right here in our hometown and that we come in contact with everyday! I truly want to impact someone and change someone else's life. But I know that I cannot impact someone on my own- I NEED God and I need Him to use me to change someone else's destiny and life.

We may not even have to mention God to someone necessarily to minister to them but can minister to someone just by doing a caring deed or act. We don't know what a small act can do and a caring ded can do for someone who needs it. Even if we don't know that we were part of somebody else's story - we all do play a part in someone else's life whether we know it or not. But we should all know and try to be a part of someone's life by being a true example of God and go beyond what we normally do and shine a light for God to the world.

I hope you enjoy the song.....
Somebody Else's Story by John Waller


  1. I love the song, Britt!!! Thanks for sharing it!!! :D It has awesome lyrics, and has a lot of meaning in it: about wanting to help others to God....and asking God to use us to change people. :)

  2. I love this song Britt. So very inspiring. I want to help others get closer to God! :D I've got to get download this song!

  3. Thanks Hannah- glad you like the song!!thanks for sharing and commenting!!

    Godsgirlz- glad you liked the song!!! thanks for commenting!! :)

  4. Very inspiring post and song, Britt!

  5. Thanks Mackenzie!! :)

    Linda- thanks for your comment! glad you like the post and song!! :)