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Weekly Character Challenge- Week 6

I am so sorry that  I am late doing this post. I have been without internet for part of the day and doing a bunch of stuff here at my house.

Okay, so this week's character challenge is.... ATTITUDE – this week work on your attitude. When you are asked to do something you hate doing, don’t have a bad attitude about it, but rather just do it. Don’t complain or get upset- do it willingly and don’t grumble or roll your eyes. Today I feel like I have been grumpy and upset with things and circumstances, so this is a real challenge for me this week. 

      I hope that you will try this character trait this week and put it into practice in your life. Thanks for visiting!! If I am leaving less comments on your blogs- I am sorry, but I am quite busy here, hopefully soon things will calm down!! 

      Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!


  1. i can understand, my cousin is coming to stay with us and she's getting here tonight...so it's pretty crazy! I think I will like this challenge, attitude is something I can struggle with sometimes, you know? I think I did pretty good on the last challenge and it was on my mind too. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!) Philippians 4:8

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Sierra! I hope everything goes well with your cousin and all!! Oh, glad that you could use the challenge- haha...Oh, thanks for thinking about it and doing it Sierra!! I often wonder if anyone even tries these challenges- so thank you!!!

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  4. Britt, this challange was just for me. Lately I've been having a bad attitude I have to admit. I'm certainly going to work on this harder. Thanks for the post!

  5. Godsgirlz- I'm glad that you could relate to the challenge! Thanks for commenting and trying the challenge!!

  6. Great challenge! I need to do this! I will try and pray really hard that I can do this since I have trouble with this sometimes.

    -Sheila a.k.a. The Unknown Blogger


  7. This is a really good challenge that I need to do! Thanks Britt for this challenge!

  8. Sheila- thanks so much for your comment!! I'm glad that you are going to try to do the challenge!!!

    Chasity, thanks for your comment, thanks for doing the challenge too!