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Experience In Washington D.C

I'm sorry that I have not been posting regularly lately- I have just been pretty busy here! Yesterday my Mom, sister and I visited Washington D.C. Anyways, while we were there we went to see the capital, Lincoln's memorial....all the buildings and stuff down there. I took a lot of pictures (maybe I can post them soon if you'd like). It was really neat to see all the stuff I have seen in movies/ tv in real life.

Along the way I was starting to feel dizzy and my leg started hurting (I think I pulled the muscle weird while going up so many steps). I had not gotten much sleep the night before and didn't drink any water that morning. I think I was getting dehydrated and it was pretty hot out as well. I seriously thought I was going to pass out, throw up or who knows what else. We didn't really have anywhere to rest or go to the bathroom (since we took the metro) and there wasn't many bathrooms while we were walking from place to place. I felt like everything was spinning and I felt like I didn't even know what was going on around me. I was just waiting for the moment when I would be home. Soon enough we found a place where we could get something to drink- so my Mom bought me some Poweraide (like Gatorade) and that I think helped me to start feeling some better.

But anyways, through the whole experience I was praying that God would help me get through and even though it wasn't as soon as I had hoped- He did allow me to make it through and I did start feeling better towards the end of the day. I truly couldn't have gotten through it without knowing that God wasn't right by me and just knowing that His will was being done reassured me that I could get through it.

Did you ever have one of those times in your life where you felt that  you were in desperate need of God's help and you felt like nobody knew what you were going through and God was the only One left?


  1. I'd love to see your pictures!!! I went to D.C. years ago, and it's a cool experience. (we sat in our senator's chair!!) Oh, I'm sorry you had to go through that, Britt.....and I'm glad that you felt better later, and that God was with you. Have a great day!!!

  2. Wow! At first I was like, "this is a nice post" and then I get to the part about you not feeling well and I'm like, "I hope she didn't have to go to the hospital!" I'm glad you were okay after getting something to drink and all in all it sounded like you had a nice time in Washington D.C. You should put some pictures up if you find the time. I'd love to look at them! =)

  3. Hannah- thanks for your nice comment- I will post the pictures soon so you can see them!! That is so cool that you got to viist Washington D.C. before!! Oh, haha...thanks Hannah- I appreciate it!Thanks for caring!!

    Chasity- aww...thanks so much for your nice comment! Oh, I seriously thought I was going to have to go to the hospital at one point- but God kept me safe!! thanks for caring Chasity! Yeah, I will put some pictures up when I get a chance!! Hopefully some of them turned out- haha....thanks for leaving a comment!