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Facing Life's Struggles

Have you ever gone through something you don’t want to and come to find out there is another trial waiting for you a few steps ahead? Once we get a few breaks in our life, God brings in more difficult times to try our patience. We feel as we have just reached the top of the mountain just to see the long downhill road towards distress. In these times we should trust in God and believe that He knows what is best. We should also pray for God to help us get through all of our struggles. Prayer is an important factor in a believer’s life. When we pray we present our needs to God, and we grow closer to Him. So the next time you are facing something difficult, believe that God knows what He is doing and believe that God can work in your struggles for His good. When we struggle, others can look at our lives and realize how much we trust God, and they will want what faith we have. And through this, they might become saved. If you ever need guidance or help facing a difficulty or  a hard choice, go to God and pray for what you are seeking, keeping His will in mind. Once we do this we can leave our problems in God’s hands and trust in Him that He will do what is best and feel at rest in knowing He is there with us through it all, and there is no need to worry.  


  1. Hello my friend-
    I'm getting caught up here-been making owls and stuff for my Etsy shop-finishing up other things, so I haven't been visiting much.
    I so love your blog Britt. I want to encourage you to keep writing because you are touching lives (mine and others) and making a difference. Oh how I wish I had your maturity even at this point in my life!!! But especially when I was your age.
    You are an encourager.

    I will get back to my own blog probably after the New Year, and then I will put my lovely award there.
    But I'll stop in here just to say howdy.

  2. Debra- Thanks so much for your nice comment. Thanks for your encouragement. It is sometimes hard not seeing the comments or pageviews. I wonder if people really are looking at my blog or are encouraged with what I am writing- so thanks for your encouragement to me and inspiring me to preservere on. You too are definitely an encourager. You are such an encouragement to me. So thank you for being that special person!!!

  3. I'm thankful for your friendship Britt!
    You asked about Etsy-it is safe, and I have been there 3 years. Right now, that's the only place I sell my art, but I have to go other places next year-the Lord willing. Etsy is free to join. It's best to have a paypal account so people can easily pay you.
    Some people are very successful there-that's something I still have to work at!

  4. Great post!
    2 Bible character I like to think of in times like the ones you talked about in this post...
    Are Job, and Joseph...Both of them even though Everything was taken away from them, family, money freedom, health...They still trusted in God...2 great examples of what we should be like as Christians...I especially like Joseph (He's one of my all time favorite Bible characters).
    Anyway, Great thought for today! Thanks for posting!

  5. Debra- thanks for the information about Etsy :) Maybe I will try it out. Thanks!!

    Wow, yeah!! Job and Joseph are very good examples. They both are some of my favorite Bible Characters- especially Job. What a great reminder that they went through so much and with the right attitude and motives. Yeah!! I really like Joseph too, he was so faithful to God and his brothers. He was kind to his brothers- even though all they had done to him. I find that hard to do in my own life. What great examples!! Your comment encouraged me, so thanks!!