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God Can Use the Unknown

Maybe you feel like you aren’t worth God’s use in the lives of others. You may think you’re not ready or “qualified” for God to use you. God uses those who are humble and ready to be used by Him. He doesn’t only use those who are popular and widely know, He uses anyone who is willing. God used Esther, who was just an ordinary girl, and used her for His good to influence others. God can use you too. You may not think He can, but He can use anyone. Ask God to use your life and impact others lives. Once we ask, we can begin to be used by God. Once God shows us what we should do, we may not want do what He requests, but we should know that He does what is best and there is a purpose for everything He does. God can use unknown people to accomplish His marvelous plans. Do you want to be used by God and be involved with His wonderful ways? Are you ready to be used by God?


  1. Yes, Britt. I totally agree. NO one is to small for God to use.More often you just have to get yourself out of the way first. Thanks for the post. =)

  2. Hey Britt,

    Yeah the insignificant are usually used by God the most. People are always surprised to see these people being "important". Everyone is important and God loves everyone equally, but I think that God uses some more special for Him. : )

  3. Leah, Yeah, I totally agree, sometimes it is just us thinking we are too small, and we have to realize that God acknowledges us and loves us even if we aren't the most popular.

    Lay, thanks for being such a wonderful sister and encouraging me!! Definitely true, everyone is important and we all have special gifts!! Thanks for commenting!