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Heaven Poem

This is a poem I wrote a little while ago, but I thought it would remind us what we have to look forward to when we get to heaven!!


Many have wondered what heaven will be like
I believe heaven will be much better than any other sight
Walking on the shining gold streets
And having so many people to meet
Looking at the planets and traveling to distant galaxies
Seeing more animals than any normality
Luscious fruits, unique plants and trees
New land and majestic mountains farther than any eye can see
And of course the brightest of days
The purest of rays
God as our light source
And no more remorse
Living in eternity with no worries
And nowhere that we have to rush or hurry
A place to relax and enjoy
All God’s gift for us that nobody can destroy
Because of His death and pain
We are able to live, in eternity with Him and forever reign


  1. And of course as I read the poem i think: "That may work for a song!!!!!" :D
    Love it!

    1. Haha....That would be neat if you made it into a song sometime! I would love to hear what you come up with!! :) Thanks Hannah! :) Glad that you like it!